Interpreting Services

With an extensive database of highly skilled linguists fluent in more than 100 languages, we have the experience to provide interpreting services in any setting or environment 24 hours a day.

Alpha has sourced interpreting services in almost all languages of the world in a variety of settings such as courts, tribunal meetings, police stations, law firms, hospitals, GP's, business presentations, tours, business meetings and conferences etc.

Our modern IT workflow system is core to our capacity for managing high volumes of work. Our linguists and staff have covered thousands of interpreting sessions/ hours for a variety of clientele.

Our experience and resources allow us to offer solutions for any linguistic requirements - including:

• Simultaneous & whispered interpreting
• Consecutive Interpreting
• Telephone Interpreting
• Liaison Interpreting

One to One Settings

Our linguists assist several clients in a variety of languages - during exploratory meetings, interviews and other one to one meetings. Our regular assignments include:
• Police interviews
• Court cases
• Solicitor meetings
• Conferences
• Solicitor meetings
• Business meetings and presentations
• Tourist lead
• Hospital and Medical assistance
• GP appointments
• Cultural support
• Religious/ community based work
• Academic presentations
• Lectures/ speeches
We recognise the right skills needed for each industry sectors and accordingly assign native language interpreters with relevant qualifications and experience.

Our project and performance monitoring not only focuses on full delivery of accurate interpretation but also demands a professional and a friendly relationship with each service user.

Our trained staff fully supports each client from initial phone/fax/email request to actual interpreting and invoicing. Our portfolio managers work hard to ensure each aspect of our service delivery meets client satisfaction.

Whatever our clients’ interpreting needs, we are dedicated to providing excellent quality in order to earn their continuing association with Alpha.
Formal and informal group meetings
The majority of our interpreting work has been provided in group settings ranging from court settings to assisting group work between solicitors, court officials and Judges. Scottish Courts Service and the Crown Office Procurator Fiscal Services have been one of our leading clients for the provision of such services. Alpha has sourced interpreters at fifty different court locations throughout Scotland on a regular basis.

Whilst the legal sector is where our main experience lies, our team include linguists with multiple skills to offer assistance during any formal/ group meeting such as Local Authority offices as well as commercial settings.
Media/ press release/ press conference
Alpha’s client portfolio includes some of the world's biggest sports clubs, including FC Barcelona and the Scottish Premier League's Hearts Football Club. These and other clients have benefited from our highly experienced and superior quality language assistance for media related requirements.

Our 24 hour operation guarantees that Alpha has the capacity to offer services instantly, including media releases/ articles or press releases.
Multimedia and Voice-overs
Our recent projects have included provision of multi lingual voice-overs/dubbing services from and into English. Alpha’s linguists are experienced in multimedia presentations and voice-overs. Our staff are able to assist you from your initial concept/ strategy stage to drafting suitable text, actual character description and recording.

Our partner recording studios and engineers experienced in the use of modified specialist recording equipment are able to produce and meet even for the most esoteric requirements. Audio and video podcasts are also covered in our multi-lingual voice-over experience.

In general, our work takes into account listening/reading abilities, age group, culture and literacy levels, of the target audience as well as the technical requirements of the end user’s equipment.

In short we are able to offer customised language service to meet individual clients’ requirements.
Telephone Interpreting
Having provided linguistic assistance over the telephone to a wide variety of clients using the best telephone/conferencing facilities, we are technically equipped and experienced to provide you with this service.

Our clients can access instant telephone assistance anytime of the day, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Thus ensuring that clients are never left without cover.

Due to the increase in demand of this service provision Alpha has sourced ideal setup to support this service provision. In conjunction with our language-partners we are able to provide telephone interpreting in more than 200 languages instantly.

Each telephone interpreter possesses relevant experience and skills to provide a seamless language cover over the phone.

Our system allows clients to use this service as required without the need for a contract.

Alpha is able to develop a specialist package for clients that require frequent use of this service.